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More Revenue for Resellers and Tour Operators

Founded in 2013, TourDesk was initially designed for accommodation providers to easily and securely make tour and activity bookings. Over the years TourDesk has evolved dynamically. Today, we proudly offer resellers the ability to book tours, activities, transfers, rental cars, and even make restaurant reservations. TourDesk was founded in Iceland and has since then expanded to multiple locations all around the world.

TourDesk is a white-label software solution that encompasses two key features:

  • The Agent System: This feature serves as a point-of-sale solution used by front desk staff. It enables seamless identification, booking, and confirmation of tours for guests immediately. The Agent System benefits resellers by creating upselling opportunities and ensuring guests receive personalized and efficient service.

  • The Sales Portal: TourDesk provides a customized Sales Portal that empowers guests to plan their adventures independently. Through this user-friendly platform, guests can easily book tours and activities, enhancing their overall experience. The Sales Portal not only generates additional revenue for hotels but also offers guests convenience and flexibility.

TourDesk is dedicated to maximizing hotel revenue and delivering exceptional service. By leveraging this hospitality technology, hotels can upsell tours and activities to guests, resulting in increased revenue, improved service quality, and enhanced guest satisfaction. Our global community of TourDesk users signifies our commitment to providing a world-class platform that continues to elevate the travel experience.