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Exeter Hotel and TourDesk: Boosting Guest Satisfaction & Revenue

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Bryndís Rún Hafliðadóttir

Head of Content


We've launched our new website, welcome! The website now features a special section for case studies with some of our top affiliates. In this blog post, we're excited to share insights from our case study with Exeter Hotel in Reykjavík, Iceland. Check out all our case studies here.

Exeter Hotel Reykjavík

Nestled in Reykjavík's lively Old Harbour, Exeter Hotel has been the go-to spot for travelers looking for something special. This boutique hotel, with its cool vibe and comfy rooms, draws in a crowd that loves to explore local culture and enjoy the area's rich array of events. But it's not only the place that makes guests smile; it's also about making their stay hassle-free and fun. That's where TourDesk comes in.

The Problem and The Solution

Exeter Hotel wanted to ensure guests could dive into what Reykjavík has to offer without the headache of planning. They were looking for a simple way for their team to help guests book tours and experiences, ensuring those guests have a memorable stay.

TourDesk was the answer Exeter Hotel was searching for. Our system became the hotel’s one-stop-shop for booking all kinds of tours and activities. It meant that the hotel staff could recommend and book great experiences for guests in no time. Thanks to TourDesk's easy-to-use system and our commitment to picking out the best tour providers.

Making Things Better for Everyone

As you can read from the case study, the hotel's front desk team now had more time to chat with guests instead of getting bogged down in booking details. They could set up full-day adventures for guests, which was a big win for everyone. Plus, promoting TourDesk through the hotel’s emails and on-site signs helped guests know about the Sales Portal. The Sales Portal part of TourDesk is where guests can book tours and activities on their own. Many guests have mentioned how great it was to have such helpful service right at the reception desk. A nice surprise compared to other places they've stayed.

Wrapping Up

Exeter Hotel's story with TourDesk is about making travel easier and more enjoyable. It's a great example of how the right tools can make a big difference in the hospitality world. This partnership has not only helped the hotel run smoother but has also tapped into a new revenue stream for Hotel Exeter. It shows that with a bit of innovation and the right partnerships, making guests happy and doing better business can go hand in hand.

I would absolutely recommend TourDesk to everyone considering implementing such a platform. Why? It is a remarkably simple tool to increase your revenue and guest satisfaction.


Óskar Vignisson

Hotel Manager