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Enhancing Hospitality Through Innovation: Reykjavik Residence & TourDesk

Reykjavík Residence Hotel was opened in 2012 in Iceland. The hotel has a rich history and their properties tell historic tales of a small, yet bustling Reykjavík from the early to mid 1900s. Now beautifully restored, the hotel offers a modern, luxurious experience. The hotel focuses on comfort, ensuring every guest has a memorable stay.


Reykjavík Residence






Reykjavík, Iceland


The hotel emphasizes comfort and convenience. Reykjavik Residence Hotel stands out for its ability to give guests a seamless, enriching travel experience.

Sales & Operational Efficiency

For years, the hotel sought a solution to make tour booking easier for guests. They aimed to cut staff work and improve the guest experience. TourDesk has been that solution, offering easy access and a user-friendly interface for both clients and staff. The platform simplifies exploring local experiences by filtering and promoting preferred tours.

“TourDesk has been a game-changer for us, dramatically reducing our workload and simplifying the itinerary and payment processes.”

Implementation & Staff Engagement

For Reykjavík Residence, adopting TourDesk was straightforward. The hotel added the Agent System to its daily operations. It also promoted the Sales Portal around the hotel and in emails to the guests. The platform is easy to use and efficient. These traits have been key to its quick adoption by staff. They can now focus on guest interaction, not managing bookings.

The support from TourDesk’s team has been invaluable. They help through direct communication and seminars. This support ensures the hotel gets the most from the platform. The sales reports and analytics from TourDesk have been a game-changer. They offer insights that motivate the staff to keep using the system.

What has surprised me the most is the strength of sales directly from the customer... This is a really impressive sales factor

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Guðbjartur Árnason

Sales and Marketing Manager

Customer Satisfaction & Revenue Growth

Guests have responded positively to the introduction of TourDesk. They appreciate the autonomy and confidence it provides in planning their stays. The platform has notably increased direct sales. This is due to its trustworthiness and comprehensive offering. It surprised even the experienced staff with its effectiveness.


Reykjavik Residence Hotel's collaboration with TourDesk exemplifies the potential of integrating innovative solutions in the hospitality industry. The hotel simplified the tour booking process. This improved efficiency and raised the guest experience. It led to more satisfaction and revenue. This case study serves as a great example the benefits of embracing technology to meet the evolving needs of today's travelers.

"The direct sales impact from using TourDesk was unexpected and impressive. The trust and confidence our guests have in the platform, opting to book their tours entirely online, have significantly boosted our revenue."