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Why Use Ancillary Services in Tourism?

Ancillary services are like the “icing on the cake” or extras that improve the experience for tourists and can make any trip feel complete. In today’s competitive travel market, hotels are increasingly looking to go beyond offering just a comfortable room. Ancillary services, the additional offerings complementing your core accommodation, are a powerful tool to boost guest satisfaction and your hotel’s revenue.

Staff Gudmundur

Guðmundur F. Magnússon

Marketing Manager

Nazaré in Portugal

You may not be convinced that ancillary services are worth the effort. Let us take a closer look at the reasons for using ancillary services in tourism and why they should be a key part of your hotel’s strategy:

  • New Sources of Revenue: Ancillary services are an opportunity to generate additional revenue on top of room rates. From spa treatments and in-room dining to day tours and activities, you can cater to various guest needs and preferences.

  • Improved Guest Experience: Modern travelers crave convenience and personalization. Ancillary services are your chance to cater to both. Consider offering pre-booking options for tours, airport transfers or spa appointments. Guests appreciate the convenience and feel valued when their needs are met.

  • Guest Loyalty and Differentiation: By offering a range of ancillary services, you can set your hotel apart from the competition. Partnering with hospitality technology companies like TourDesk, you can foster guest loyalty and encourage future visits

  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Offering ancillary services can increase your operational efficiency. Partnering with hospitality software providers can reduce in-house management and online booking services can free up staff time to improve overall efficiency. 

  • Valuable Guest Data: Guest purchases of ancillary services provide data on their preferences and spending patterns.This information can be used to personalize future offerings, tailor marketing efforts and most importantly maximize guest satisfaction and revenue.

Successful ancillary services call for careful planning and execution. Think about your target group, partner with reputable companies and ensure a seamless booking and delivery process. By strategically implementing ancillary services, your hotel can become a role model for exceptional guest experiences, boosting revenue and securing a competitive advantage.

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