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Boosting Hotel Revenue: The Power of Travel Articles in Selling Local Tours and Activities

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Bryndís Rún Hafliðadóttir

Head of Content

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In the fast-paced world of hospitality, hotels are continually seeking innovative ways to enhance guest experiences and provide added value during their stays. One great way to achieve this is by incorporating TourDesk's travel articles into online channels and email communications. This strategic integration not only enriches the guest experience but also serves as a powerful tool for promoting and selling tours and activities. In this blog post, we'll explore the ways hotels can leverage TourDesk's travel articles to boost tour sale, increase their ancillary revenue and elevate the overall guest journey.

Seamless Integration into Sales Portals

To maximize the impact of TourDesk's travel articles, hotels have seamless access to all of the travel articles that have been written for their region. Establishing a dedicated section that showcases these articles allows guests to explore potential activities and excursions from the comfort of their screens. By having access to different articles based on destination and themes, hotels can cater to a diverse range of preferences, ensuring that every guest finds inspiration tailored to their tastes. Travel Articles are located in each hotel’s Sales Portal under Menu > Travel Articles.

Moreover, embedding booking links within these articles transforms inspiration into action. With just a click, guests can transition from reading about a captivating experience to reserving their spot on the corresponding tour. Each link takes the guest directly to the hotel’s Sales Portal where the guest can make a booking, and the hotel can earn their commission. This streamlined process enhances user experience and, more importantly, converts casual interest into tangible bookings.

Leveraging Social Media Platforms

In the era of social media dominance, hotels can harness the visual and shareable nature of TourDesk's travel articles to amplify their online presence. By featuring snippets, highlights, or even full articles on their social media platforms, hotels can engage with a wider audience and generate interest in the destination and its offerings. Take a look at an example from our affiliate Kick Ass Hostels' Instagram post, featuring a St. Andrews Travel Article.

Encouraging user-generated content related to tours and activities can further extend the reach. Guests sharing their experiences through photos and testimonials create a virtual community that reinforces the appeal of the hotel's suggested tours. Social media has become not just a promotional tool but a dynamic platform for storytelling and guest interaction.

Personalized Email Campaigns

Hotels can also leverage TourDesk's travel articles in their email marketing campaigns to engage with guests before, during, and after their stay. Incorporating snippets of articles or featuring curated content in newsletters creates a personalized touch, demonstrating the hotel's commitment to enhancing the guest experience beyond accommodation. For example, pre-arrival emails can include articles highlighting must-visit attractions, local secrets, or unique experiences in the destination. This builds anticipation and plants the seed for guests to explore activities facilitated by the hotel during their stay.

During the stay, targeted emails can showcase featured tours and activities, along with exclusive offers or package deals. Check out our Help Center to learn how to create discounts for your guests. This proactive approach keeps guests informed about the available options, encouraging them to make the most of their time at the destination.

Post-stay, follow-up emails can include articles that reminisce about the destination's highlights, fostering a sense of nostalgia and, subtly, nudging guests to plan a return visit. By consistently integrating TourDesk's travel articles, tours and activities into email communications, hotels create a cycle of engagement that extends well beyond a single stay. To learn more about how we can assist with Pre-Arrival Emails, reach out to us at info@tourdesk.io.

Enhancing Concierge Services

Hotels can amplify the impact of TourDesk's travel articles by integrating them into their concierge services. Whether through a dedicated concierge app or a physical desk in the lobby, providing guests with curated information about local tours and activities adds a valuable dimension to the traditional concierge experience.

Concierge staff with insights from TourDesk's articles can offer personalized recommendations based on guests' interests and preferences. This not only facilitates a more tailored experience but also positions the hotel as a knowledgeable guide invested in enhancing the guest's overall journey. Moreover, the integration of booking functionalities within the concierge services allows guests to seamlessly transition from recommendations to reservations. This streamlined process minimizes friction, making it more likely for guests to commit to the suggested activities. On the photo on the right, Courtyard by Marriott in Edinburgh, a seasoned TourDesk affiliate, brilliantly used a Halloween themed Travel Article to share on their Facebook page.

Building Partnerships with Local Tour Operators

TourDesk's platform facilitates direct communication between hotels and local tour operators. Establishing strong partnerships with these operators ensures a seamless booking process. Hotels can use TourDesk's travel articles to showcase the unique experiences offered by their partnered operators. This collaborative approach not only benefits guests with a diverse range of activities but also strengthens the local tourism ecosystem. Through joint marketing initiatives that leverage TourDesk's content, hotels and tour operators can mutually amplify their reach and influence. Take a look at how Mansley Serviced Apartments repurposed a Travel Article about Halloween and turned it into a blog post on their website, including bookable links leading to their own Sales Portal.


In conclusion, the integration of TourDesk's travel articles into a hotel's online channels and email communications represents a powerful strategy for enhancing the guest experience and boosting tour and activity sales. From inspiring virtual journeys on hotel websites to personalized recommendations through concierge services, the potential applications are diverse. By leveraging storytelling, seamless integration, and personalized marketing, hotels can not only elevate their guest offerings but also strengthen their position as knowledgeable guides to the destinations they inhabit. As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, the synergy between technology, curated content, and guest engagement becomes an indispensable tool for hotels aiming to provide unparalleled experiences to their guests.

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