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  • Supplier

    How do I get my products into TourDesk?

    You can register as a supplier on our website, where you fill in the information requested. The easiest way for import is if you are using a booking system we are connected to, but fret not, we have multiple means of getting your tours visible.

  • Supplier

    What does my voucher look like?

    The voucher will have your logo, tour information (departure date/time/location), name of the client, a QR/BAR code (whichever you prefer) and additional information that you request.

  • Customer

    My pickup is late. What do I do?

    If you were not picked up for your tour or if the operator is late, it is important to call your tour operator directly. The phone number of the operator can be found on your voucher.

  • Supplier

    Who do I contact about invoices?

    Please send all accounting related questions to accounting@tourdesk.io

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