Capitalise on good service

Our intuitive platform allows you to earn a commission while impressing your guests with good service.


TourDesk, founded in 2013, is a comprehensive tour booking service for accommodation providers.

Your Front-Desks best friend. The platform allows the front desk staff to easily and securely book tours for your guests, providing the service they want and appreciate, as well as allowing your guests to book themselves through your branded white-label sales portal.

TourDesk brings a new source of ancillary revenue for your hotel, increases your service level and lowers the effort for your front desk and back office employees.

First-rate support

A useful tool for your reception
Simplify your accounting for ancillary revenue
Simplified accounting

Offer your hotel guests better service

Offer better service

Our suppliers

TourDesk connects you with local suppliers to increase your hotels ancillary revenue

This is just a small sample of our supply partners. See below how your local area is stocked.

The sales-driven business model is based on high-quality customer service. By making sure that the customer knows about the tours on offer and has around-the-clock access to book them, with or without any assistance,

How's my area stocked?
Julia Travel
Happy Fox Oy
City Sigtseeing Worldwide
Irish Whiskey Museum
Happy Van Portugal

It doesn't cost anything to use TourDesk


  • No sign up or setup fee
  • No monthly subscription
  • No Hidden costs

TourDesk has a vested interest in increasing your revenue! The business model is completely sales-driven and there are no charges* or fees**.


* If you want to have a physical card reader from TourDesk at location you'll be charged montly for the use. Up to date price for this is in the Agent system. The amount is deducted from your commission during settlements.
** We share the Card fees from your total sales. 1%(your share) of your total sales is deducted from your commission during settlements.

Where in the world is TourDesk available

Where? Everywhere

Shout if you want us in your area

We are currently strongest with our supply of tours, activities, transportation and restaurants in Europe. Check in our supply status section below how we are in your area.

If you feel we are lacking in your local area, give us a shout and our supply department will get right on it.