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13. April 2023 • 3 minutes read

At TourDesk, we're always striving to enhance the experience for both our partners and their guests. The Discount System is one often-overlooked feature that holds immense potential to boost your revenue and guest satisfaction. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of the Discount System and how it can help you create the perfect balance between commission earnings and incentivizing your guests.

The Discount System Explained

The Discount System is a feature that enables affiliates to offer discounts to their guests as an incentive to book tours and activities through the Sales Portal, provided by TourDesk. Affiliates can choose to offer discounts of up to 10% of their commission earnings, allowing you to create a customized incentive program that suits your needs.

The Power of Customization

The Discount System allows you to tailor your discounts based on specific criteria, including a minimum order value, date range, or maximum usage. This level of customization ensures that you can target your discounts to maximize their impact while maintaining control over your commission earnings.

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Benefits of the Discount System for Affiliates

  1. Increased bookings: By offering an incentive in the form of a discount, guests are more likely to book tours and activities through your Sales Portal. This increases your revenue and encourages guests to explore and engage with local attractions and experiences.
  2. Competitive edge: Providing exclusive discounts to your guests sets you apart from other accommodation providers. You can enhance your brand image and guest loyalty by differentiating your offerings with attractive incentives.
  3. Boosted guest satisfaction: Discounts can create a memorable and positive experience for your guests. By offering them savings on activities and tours, you contribute to their overall satisfaction and increase the likelihood that they'll recommend your property to friends and family.
  4. Targeted marketing: The ability to customize your discounts based on specific criteria allows you to create targeted marketing campaigns. For example, you could offer seasonal discounts to encourage bookings during off-peak periods or use a minimum order value to promote higher-priced activities.
  5. Data-driven decision-making: As you implement and track the effectiveness of your discount campaigns, you'll gain valuable insights into guest booking patterns and preferences. This data can help you make informed decisions about future promotions and further refine your marketing strategies.

Maximizing the Potential of the Discount System

To fully unlock the power of the Discount System, it's essential to promote your discount codes effectively. Here are some strategies to help you get the most out of your incentives:

  1. Integrate discounts into your pre-arrival communication: Inform guests about available discounts in pre-arrival emails, on your website, or through social media channels. This increases awareness and sets the stage for an exciting stay filled with engaging experiences.
  2. Train your staff to promote discounts: Ensure that your front desk and concierge staff are well-versed in the details of your discount program. They can be valuable ambassadors in encouraging guests to book through your TourDesk platform.
  3. Display promotional material on-site: Create eye-catching posters, flyers, or digital displays in high-traffic areas of your property to draw attention to your exclusive discounts and the exciting tours and activities available through TourDesk.
  4. Leverage guest feedback and testimonials: Share positive reviews from guests who have benefited from your discount program to build trust and showcase the value of booking through your TourDesk Sales Portal. Highlighting real-life experiences can inspire potential guests to take advantage of your discounts and explore the local attractions.
  5. Monitor and adjust your discount strategy: Continuously track the performance of your discount campaigns and make adjustments as needed. Use the data gathered to refine your discount strategy, ensuring that you're offering the most effective incentives to maximize bookings and guest satisfaction.

TourDesk's Discount System is a powerful tool that can help you increase bookings, boost guest satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge in the hospitality market. By customizing your discounts and promoting them effectively, you can unlock the full potential of this feature and create memorable experiences for your guests while enhancing your revenue. Embrace the power of incentives with TourDesk's Discount System and watch your business grow.

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