Set your Default Pickups

Make the checkout process in Agent and Portal faster by setting your default pickups

30. May 2018 • 1 minute read
As a TourDesk agent, you can quickly make your life a bit easier by selecting default pick-ups for tours and activities, making it so you don’t have to choose a pick-up place when finishing a booking. This saves precious time and ensures no pick-up mistakes are made when confirming a booking!

To do this, in Agent simply go to Portal -> Your Location -> Basic Settings

From there you scroll to the bottom and will find the incredibly long list of all pick-ups available in TourDesk. They are a few hundred thousand, so get acquainted with your browsers “Find” feature.

Searching for your location in the list, you can select each item of your location, which connects each individuals tour operators pick-up list, with your TourDesk Agent account.

Then you simply ensure the “Pick up Available” button is checked for Yes before saving!
That’s it!

As always – stay in touch if you want any assistance at all in increasing your usage of TourDesk – be it training or simply for setting TourDesk up so you can sell the most in the easiest fashion!

With rays of sunshine,
Hjörtur Atli
Hjörtur Atli Guðmundsson written by:
Hjörtur Atli Guðmundsson