21. February 2023 • 4 minutes read

As we close the year, we want to take a moment to look back at all that we have accomplished together. 2022 was a great year for us here at TourDesk. After having pivoted our services during the pandemic we’ve been re-focusing on bringing our comprehensive booking service to accommodation providers around the world. 

A thank you to all our partners

We at TourDesk would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all of our affiliates and partners. With the loyalty and cooperation of those who have chosen to do business with us, we were able to achieve the successes that we have seen throughout 2022. One of the highlights of 2022 was rewarding the success of our top two sellers in October’s competition, VAN at Exeter Hotel Reykjavík and ANH at 22 Hill Hotel, they did incredibly! Thank you for being part of our journey—we look forward to continuing this relationship as we move into 2023 and beyond! 

Concerning our suppliers, we understand the importance of offering a variety of tours and activities.  Our supply team welcomed numerous new suppliers to TourDesk in 2022 and we’re excited to continue working with them in 2023. We believe that having access to different tour experiences allows guests to explore new places and cultures in unique ways, creating lasting memories along the way. With our diverse offerings, we strive to make sure that everyone can find something they will love — from our foodie tours to our eco-friendly adventures! Whether it's a stroll through history or an adrenaline-filled adventure into uncharted lands, you're sure to find something perfect for you through TourDesk. Here you can take a look at our variety of tours and activities.

At TourDesk, we must build strong relationships with every one of our partners. We are committed to providing excellent customer care, a top-notch product, and quality services that everyone can trust. We hope that over the upcoming years, more people will choose TourDesk as their go-to booking service for accommodation providers!

New team members

In 2022 we expanded our TourDesk family and welcome some new members to our various teams. We’re thrilled to welcome them aboard and help make TourDesk even better. Our new colleagues bring with them a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience in their respective areas, which will be a great addition to an already fantastic team.

  • Mislav and Ada joined the DEV team in early 2022 and they work alongside Luis. Mislav and Ada both bring a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm to the job. They are already hard at work with plans to expand our platform even further in 2023. 

  • Bryndís (myself) joined the team in September 2022 as Head of Content. I plan on providing excellent content for our partners and suppliers in 2023, making sure you receive relevant information and updates throughout the year. 

  • Guðmundur arrived at TourDesk in late 2022 as our SEO specialist. With his past experience in the field, he is sure to be a great addition to the team. His attention to detail will help propel our website and online presence and open more doors for partners looking for the perfect solution.

  • Julie, Karolina, and Samuel joined the support team, led by Monika. They have definitely added an extra layer of expertise and experience to our team. With their help, we look forward to continuing to provide top-notch customer service for years to come! 

Looking forward to 2023!

In 2023, we plan on taking it to the next level with improved technology, expanded global reach, and continuous great customer support. We’ll also be focusing on adding more tours and activities to our platform from our suppliers, as well as making connections with affiliates and accommodation providers around the world.

If you’re an accommodation provider looking for a reliable and efficient tour booking system, look no further than TourDesk! Not only do we provide a convenient way to make tour bookings for your guests, but our team also offers personalized customer support. We make the whole travel experience more enjoyable for both guests and accommodation providers alike. 

If you’re a supplier, TourDesk is a great platform to use to expand your customer base. TourDesk is designed to make it easy for suppliers to get your products in front of potential guests. Our intuitive search engine makes it easy for guests to find exactly what they're looking for so you can reach the right target audience and experience increased sales. With a supportive and enthusiastic supply team as well as an engaged customer base, we can help.

So why wait? Start improving your service level, expanding your reach, and earning revenue with TourDesk in 2023! Our team is ready to help you sign up, set up, and book. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey.

Bryndís Rún Hafliðadóttir written by:
Bryndís Rún Hafliðadóttir
Head of Content