On To Iceland 2019 competition results

And the winners are...

08. January 2020 • 1 minute read
Our “On To Iceland 2019” competition is now over and it is with excitement that we are announcing this year’s winners!

Síomha from Academy Plaza is our big winner this year and will be flying to Iceland for an all included trip with the person of her choice.

In second position and from the same property, Rebecca will enjoy a 500€ voucher for the Greenhouse restaurant as well as 3 bottles of whiskey.

The third position is held by Lauren from Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane who has made an incredible comeback in the last few months of the competition. She wins a 400€ voucher for the Greenhouse restaurant as well as 3 bottles of whiskey.

On fourth and fifth position we respectively have Filipe from the Clarence Hotel and Natalia from the Grand Canal Hotel. They will each get a 150€ voucher to the Greenhouse restaurant and 3 bottles of whiskey.

From the sixth to the tenth place the winners are Estefania from Academy Plaza, Josephine from Hilton Dublin, Carol from CanBe Hospitality, Karla from Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane and Aleksandra from the Fleet Hotel. They will all get 3 bottles of whiskey and a few goodies.

Congratulations to all our winners, you have done a great job in 2019 and we cannot wait to see the results of 2020. The competition has already started and at the moment Lauren is leading the game!

The prizes remain the same for 2020 so let see who will get the chance to fly to Iceland next year...

Hjörtur Atli Guðmundsson written by:
Hjörtur Atli Guðmundsson